CWP Classes & Firearms Training

CWP classes and firearms training from a proven leader specializing in a comfortable, nonaggressive approach. We’re really all about helping you become equipped to defend yourself and stay safe. We thank you for coming by and encourage you to look around. Please never hesitate to contact us. We’re actually quite easy to talk to!

Our Services

Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP Classes)

Comprehensive instruction that goes beyond the SLED requirements for obtaining a SC CWP delivered with an enjoyable, non-aggressive teaching approach.

Pistol Shooting

Small group, basic pistol shooting instruction or individual personal training that takes a student through all aspects of the discipline resulting in confidence with a firearm.

Speaking Engagements

Safe Family Defense is always honored to speak at events, conferences, and team meetings about prevention from becoming a victim, personal safety, and firearms safety.

Helping good people develop the skills to avoid becoming a victim and acquire the permit to carry the tools in case they do.

My dad always taught me you get what you pay for. There are a number of instructors out there offering CWP classes. Some of which share the same goal of getting you in and out as fast a possible at the lowest price. We call them rubber stamp instructors. Carrying a gun comes with a level of responsibility you’ve never had before. One bad decision can land you behind bars for life. With stakes that high, do you think choosing the fastest, cheapest class is the best way to go?

We think not.

Take your CWP class from an academy with a track record of teaching as much about the lifestyle as the law. One that teaches as much about conflict avoidance as with shooting fundamentals. Before you enroll in that $50, rubber stamp CWP class, ask yourself if maybe spending a little bit more might actually be a better investment. After all, it really is only about as much as a large pizza.

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