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About Safe Family Defense

My dad always taught me you get what you pay for. There are a number of instructors out there offering CWP classes. Some of which share the same goal of getting you in and out as fast a possible at the lowest price. We call them rubber stamp instructors. Carrying a gun comes with a level of responsibility you’ve never had before. One bad decision can land you behind bars for life. With stakes that high, do you think choosing the fastest, cheapest class is the best way to go?

We think not.

Take your CWP class from an academy with a track record of teaching as much about the lifestyle as the law. One that teaches as much about conflict avoidance as with shooting fundamentals. Before you enroll in that $50, rubber stamp CWP class, ask yourself if maybe spending a little bit more might actually be a better investment. After all, it really is your life we’re talking about here.


How We're Different

We provide a safe and encouraging learning environment for women and men regardless of their current skillset. It is our mission to ensure that each and every student that walks through our doors be equipped with the ability to:

For decades we have witnessed and heard disturbing testimony from CWP/CCW holders about how lacking their concealed weapons permit classes were that gave them the “credentials” to carry a concealed firearm.

We’ve made it our mission to change that.


Our Instructors

Joe Shahoud

Joe Shahoud has been a handgun enthusiast and an advocate of personal defense his entire adult life. He has taught over 1000 students and strives to make a difference one student at a time. Joe passionately believes no one should ever be a victim.

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Joe is a proud member of the NRA, The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, The Second Amendment Foundation, The Freedom Faith Coalition, Minnesota Gun Rights, The Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance, and is featured on the list of Best Teachers of 2022 in Columbia, SC. He has also been featured on WLTX and in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Keith Mallon

Keith is about as seasoned as they get with over 21 years of service in the US Army and Army National Guard as well as serving with the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office. The training and experience he has attained in the military is more than most people can even comprehend. He now feels it is time to give back by sharing this knowledge with others.

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

With the Sheriff’s Office, he was a SWAT Team member, SAR Dive Team member, an officer on the DEA Task Force as well as a Narcotics Detective in Greenwood County. In addition, Keith is an EMT, CPR Instructor, and is Active Shooter trained.

Derek Spoor

Derek has been an active duty Marine for nearly 20 years and has served in diverse locations worldwide. Beyond his military duties, he’s honed his skills in competition shooting, both within the Marine Corps and in civilian arenas. With a wealth of training and experience acquired through his service, Derek now seeks to give back by sharing his expertise to those who can benefit from it.

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

In his role as a Marine, he has served in various billets, primarily a combat marksmanship instructor, imparting essential weapon skills and advanced tactics to thousands of Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers at formal marksmanship schools across the nation. Additionally, he holds many additional certifications in: Rescue Diving, National Range Officer Institute, and remains active in competitive rifle, pistol and shotgun matches throughout the southern states.

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