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The Lexington Holster by KSG Armory

The Lexington Holster by KSG Armory

The Lexington holster by KSG Armory is definitely a holster that warrants a look.

Being in this business as long as I have, I have definitely tried my share of holsters. I have been a fan of and used holsters by Alien Gear, Crossbreed, Vedder, Mission First Tactical, and many others. These are all great holster manufactures but every one of them always left something out. There was always that one thing about them I wish I could change.

And then came KSG Armory with their Lexington to change all that.

The Lexington Holster by KSG Armory 1

I first heard about them in mid 2022. Then, I had an opportunity in September of 2022 to try a Lexington for three straight days of intense training. It was holster nirvana. You can see me using it in this picture below. If you look close, you can see the red holster in the AIWB position.

Lexington Holster by KSG Armory

KSG Armory’s Mission

KSG Armory made it their mission to identify that one thing “everyone wishes they could change” about every holster they have used. They hit it out of the park.

The Lexington holster by KSG Armory is by far the most concealing holster I have ever used. It includes a customizable foam wedge to bring the back of the gun closer into the body. Furthermore, it includes multiple claw options to bring the grip of the gun closer into the body as well.

It has options that allow you to choose how much Kydex you want in certain places to increase comfort.

Lastly, it comes with multiple clip options and multiple mounting options as well.

The Lexington Holster by KSG Armory 2

It has been said that picking out a holster should be like picking out a fine suit that is tailored specifically to you. Your holster should come with enough options to allow you to achieve that custom tailored fit. The Lexington does all that and more.

I have been using one now with my RMR equipped Sig X-Macro since November of 2022. I can actually wear more athletic fitting shirts and I don’t print. It’s amazing. It’s comfortable against my body even while driving for hours at a time. I have finally achieved holster nirvana; I will never go back to any other holster again.

How To Get A Lexington Holster

You can click here if you’d like to learn a ton more about the Lexington and learn how to get one. They have gone into the holster in much greater detail than I have here. Furthermore, they have some great videos on it as well. One of them provides great guidance on what options to choose and why.

I highly recommend you check it out. You’ll thank me later.

Be Safe,

Joe Shahoud

Joe Shahoud is the owner and lead instructor at Safe Family Defense LLC, a firearms training academy that serves the greater Columbia, SC area specializing in pistol, concealed weapons permits, personal defense, and general education in personal safety. Visit their classes page to see what is available and enroll.

Joe is also the owner of Safe Family Safes, an online retailer that specializes in fast-access smart gun safes and other gear essential to the concealed carry lifestyle.

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