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Gun Free Zone?

Gun Free Zone?

Every state has their own laws about where carrying a firearm is not permitted. Add to that the federal laws that apply across the country. It is your responsibility to do the homework necessary to learn whether or not the place you are going for the day or evening is a gun free zone. In the State of South Carolina, publicly owned buildings or destinations are gun free zones. It is not lawful to carry there. But, do you always know or even think about if where you are going is a publicly owned building? It might not always be so obvious to you. For example, the Township Auditorium in Columbia is owned by Richland County. There are makeshift No Firearms Allowed stickers on the doors that do not meet the criteria for proper signage, which could mislead you into thinking you can walk past the signs. But, the signage doesn’t matter in this case. The establishment is publicly owned.

When you are getting ready to leave and are planning to carry, take an extra moment and do the research necessary to find out if it is legal to carry where you are going. Usually, a simple Google search is all you need to do. Getting caught could cost you $5000 in fines and/or 5 years of imprisonment. Not to mention revocation of your permit altogether.

Be Safe,

– Joe Shahoud

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