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Oh, Behave

Oh, Behave

How do you think a jury will perceive you in a claim of self-defense? Will your daily behavioral habits help you or hurt you?

You may not think about this as you go about your daily life, but how you carry yourself on a regular basis plays a significant role in how a prosecutor and a jury will perceive you. Are you a hothead? Have a short temper? Confrontational? Aggressive natured? Are you calm natured? Passive? A conflict avoider? These are all traits that will either be used against you or in your favor in a court of law should you ever have to stand in front of a jury following a self defense incident.

Being the type that is easily frustrated with people rather than keeping a level head, being known as argumentative, being overly possessive or overbearing in a relationship, and other similar types of behavior are the kinds of behaviors that notoriously are used against a defendant looking to be found innocent of homicide following a self defense incident.

So, in short, if you have decided to adopt the concealed carry lifestyle, you have to live every moment of it in such a way that it will always be pleasing to the courts. Not doing so could result in a guilty verdict should you ever have to justifiably use lethal force to defend yourself. Additionally, not doing so could invite conflict rather than avoid it.

Be safe, my friends. If you like this blog post, please share it with your friends and share your thoughts below in the comments area.

– Joe Shahoud

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