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Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety

Shopping during the holidays combined with the shortened days this time of year provides for being in some potentially compromising situations.

We all know the drill. It’s dark by 5:30, you need to make those stops by the mall to get that last minute holiday shopping done, you might be in a rush, and most likely your guard is down.

This is precisely the scenario attackers are watching for and take advantage of. They are not in a rush like you and they are dialed in like never before just waiting for that distracted prey to fall right into their trap.

The key to avoid becoming a victim this season and every season is in how you carry yourself and what you are doing (or not doing). 

You are most vulnerable walking back to your vehicle at night. It is vitally important that you are very aware of your surroundings and appear very aware. Eyes should be up and scanning the entire parking lot. Be suspicious of vans, especially vans without windows, that are parked on the driver side of your vehicle.

Stay off your phone. That includes even having it in your hand. Like I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, attackers are specifically looking for victims that are distracted by their phones. Just put them away until you are inside of your locked vehicle. This also insures that your hands are free should you have to defend yourself.

Do not start your car and then proceed to sit in there while you catch up on Facebook or text messages. You are just as vulnerable sitting stationary in your car with your eyes buried in your phone; you won’t see an attack coming.

There are plenty of tools you can carry that will make you a harder target that you can also use to defend yourself. Tactical flashlights are invaluable tools.

Stun guns and TASR products are very effective as well as OC sprays, like products.

Lastly, concealed carry pistols are obviously very effective for defense. If you’d like to consider that route, our next two CWP classes are on January 11th and February 8th.

Happy holidays! And, please be safe out there. It’s definitely that time of year.

– Joe Shahoud

Joe Shahoud is the owner and chief instructor at Safe Family Defense LLC, a firearms training academy that serves the Columbia, SC Metro area specializing in pistol, concealed weapons permits, and general education in avoiding becoming a victim in the first place. 

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