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Proper Gun Storage

Proper Gun Storage

The number one thing thugs are after when breaking into vehicles is firearms. Proper gun storage is essential. Are your guns properly secured when you have leave them behind? How about inside the home? Is your loaded defense pistol properly secured so you can get to it in seconds, but secure enough so that children or an intruder can never get to it?

How about technology? Do you have a pistol safe smart enough to log all entries and even tampering? And one that syncs with your phone so you can see every bit of activity that took place including tampering?

I have looked into all of the various compact, electronic safes out there. In my opinion, none of them compare to the Vaultek line of safes. They are the hardest to bypass or break into. They are the perfect size for the top of a nightstand or the car. The convenience factor is unsurpassed. As you can see in the video, access to the safe in the confines of a car is effortless. The interior is lit and the proximity sensor lights the keypad for ease of visibility in the dark. They are attractive, come in many color options… I could go on and on.

If you are looking for a safe that keeps up with the quality of your other smart devices and your guns, make the investment and get something with the level of class, quality, and functionality you deserve.

The most common models can be seen right here. Check them out and start properly stowing your firearms.

Be Safe

– Joe Shahoud

Joe Shahoud is the owner and lead instructor at Safe Family Defense LLC, a firearms training academy that serves the greater Columbia, SC area specializing in pistol, concealed weapons permits, personal defense, and general education in personal safety. Visit their classes page to see what is available and enroll.

Joe is also the owner of Safe Family Safes, an online retailer that specializes in fast-access smart gun safes and other gear essential to the concealed carry lifestyle.

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